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Independence Day

MarieAlena Castle and Sandy Beitsch discuss the meaning of our independence, and Sandy sings a couple of songs for us.

How We Talk To Christians

MarieAlena Castle and Dorothy Molstad discuss how to talk to Christians who approach us with "all the answers." Should we be polite or should we kick them in the shins?

Public Perception

MarieAlena Castle and Trevor St Germain discuss the public perception as it relates to atheism, gay marriage, and many other aspects of humanity.

Heathcare Without a Prayer

Thanks to science, Scott Muir was treated successfully for cancer. Had he relied on prayer, this video would probably not have happened!

A Stranger in a Strange Land

Richard Meredith is from Wales, where things regarding religion are a bit different. He speaks with MarieAlena Castle about some of his experiences.

Why We'd Like to be Mormons

Randall Tigue talks about the finer points of the Mormon belief system.
To play any of the following videos, click Windows or Mac. After the file downloads at the bottom of the page, click the file. MarieAlena Castle
MarieAlena Castle, Communications Director for Atheists For Human Rights.

MarieAlena on CNN Christ-myth Eve

Windows - Mac (4:56 min)
MarieAlena was asked by CNN to give an answer to the question "Is There a God?". Bruce Feiler, author of "Where God was born," as an advocate for the existence god, gives his "evidence". MarieAlena was given very little time to express her views (see related article).
Randall Tigue
Randall Tigue, First Amendment attorney, director/past president/and national chairman of the First Amendment Lawyers Association, and the former president of the Minnesota ACLU.

Atheist Attorney Faces "God's Judgement"

Windows - Mac (26:17 min)
Randall recalls several letters and a phone call that he received from "God" promising that his "Judgement" is coming!

John Paul II: An Atheist Perspective

Windows - Mac (27:15 min)
Marie and Randall discuss the recent death of Pope John Paul II, his life and his crimes against humanity. This was aired on Minneapolis Television Network. There is a song included in the video by Dan Barker, co-president of Freedom From Religion Foundation called "Stay Away Pope Polka."

Election 2004

Windows - Mac (18:34 min)
Randall speaks about the Presidential Election 2004 and the need for atheists to join together to fight the Christian Right.

Corruption of the Blood

Windows - Mac (27:15 min)
Marie and Randall discuss a little known fact about the Ten Commandments called Corruption Of The Blood and how it is strictly forbidden by our own Constitution!

The Pocket Part of the Ten Commandments

Windows - Mac (18:22 min)
Randall speaks about the Ten Commandments and the changes made to them in the second set.
Dr. Robert Price
Dr. Robert Price, Professor of Theology and Scriptural Studies at Johnnie Colemon Theological Seminary, editor of The Journal of Higher Criticism, speaker and debater, fiction author, anthologist, and Infidelguy's "The Bible Geek". Find out more about Dr. Price here.

Understanding the Islamic Religion

Windows - Mac (26:15 min)
Dr. Price gives a detailed account of the Islamic religion, explaining where Islam and Christianity are similar and where they part ways.

Deconstructing Jesus

Windows - Mac (25:16 min)
Dr. Price speaks with MarieAlena Castle about his book, "Deconstructing Jesus." He has an extensive background in theology and has an expert understanding of the "Jesus Myth" and how it all began.
Prof. Gerald Erickson
Prof. Gerald Erickson teaches classical and Near Eastern studies at the University of Minnesota.

Evolution and Religious Ignorance

Windows - Mac (18:16 min)
Prof. Erickson shows that the Greeks figured out that life must have originated in the sea and that humans evolved from earlier life forms. They understood concept of survival of the fittest and even surmised from observation and reasoning that the world came about through natural causes! No gods were needed!

Evolution in Ancient Greece

Windows - Mac (18:07 min)
Prof. Erickson discusses all the unintelligently designed aspects of nature and the mindless cruelties that evolutionary processes inflict on sentient beings. To make matters worse, religious ignorance of evolution has led to many unnecessary cruelties inflicted by humans on humans. Ignorance of sexuality is only the most obvious example.

The Evolution of Christianity

Windows - Mac (19:21 min)
Prof. Erickson presents the historical record of how Christianity changed from a hodge-podge of vague beliefs in the early years that were essentially decent (was Jesus divine or human, did he rise from the dead or not, was he part of the godhead or a lesser prophet?) to a murderous tyranny noted for its inquisitions and war-making.


Windows - Mac (19:05 min)
Prof. Erickson discusses Epicurus, an ancient Greek who was centuries ahead of his time but was maligned by Christians for supposedly advocating a wastrel, hedonistic, lifestyle. By advocating godless living that was rational, pleasurable, and responsible, Epicurus offered an enjoyable, intelligent way to live. His ideas about the physical world were consistent with modern thinking on cosmology, evolution, an infinite universe, and the atomic structure of matter.
Dr. Ed Buckner

Dr. Ed Buckner, president of American Atheists.


The 15% Solution, Part 1

Windows - Mac (25:20 min)
Dr. Buckner was in Minneapolis to participate in our Public Forum.

The 15% Solution, Part 2

Windows - Mac (25:20 min)
Dr. Buckner and MarieAlena Castle discuss issues of importance to the atheist community.
Annie Chase
Annie Chase explains her self-deliverance, which she accomplished on 8 March 2010.

Annie's Use-By Date, Part 1

Windows - Mac (24:12 min)
Annie explains her plan for self-deliverance due to an incurable disease that leads to a life of blindness, pain, suffering, and a diminished quality of life.

Annie's Use-By Date, Part 2

Windows - Mac (25:03 min)
Annie discusses the moral aspects of her decision for her self-deliverance.
Dan Barker
Dan Barker, co-president of Freedom From Religion Foundation and co-host of Air America's Freethought Radio. Here from Madison, WI, for our Public Forum, he did these videos with us.

Why Is There Religion?

Dan discusses the different reasons that people believe.

The Growth of Atheism

Dan discusses the growth of atheism.

November 2007 Public Forum

Windows - Mac
Dan's speech, "Beyond Iraq: The Threat to Freedom of an Imperial Presidency," was about the lawsuits supported by the Bush administration whose purpose was to undermine state-church separation and decrease the legal ability of citizens to protect it. The most recent case, which FFRF lost (thanks to a Supreme Court now dominated by religious-right Catholic Justices), was Hein vs. Freedom From Religion Foundation. The Court ruled that the President can use discretionary funds allocated to him by Congress to support religious activities, if he so chooses, and that citizens have no standing to challenge it.
Anne, a real working archaeologist, is back by popular demand for more videos. If you're looking for hard evidence for the biblical stories, the archaeologists have it - or more accurately - they don't have it. Unfortunately she is still anonymous, due to a project on which she is currently working.

Early Christian Religion

Windows - Mac (19:32 min)
In this video Anne explains the early origins of Christianity and how it was copied from other religions (also called "demonic mimicry" by Christians), and she gives very good information about a few of those other gods.

Archaeology and the Bible

Windows - Mac (20:45 min)
In this video, Anne explains what archaeologists do, how they do it, and what they find. And they find very little of significance to support the Bible stories. King David existed, but he was only a two-bit chieftain, the Exodus did not happen, and Joshua did not level the walls of Jericho. As for early Christianity, it was far from being a community united in one belief and spread by love, as the Bible claims.
Faye Girsh
Faye Girsh, senior advisor for Final Exit Network in Colorado, a fairly new organization that believes that dying need not be prolonged and done alone. Most of its members are from the Hemlock Society, which no longer exists.

Final Exit Network

Windows - Mac (16:29 min)
MarieAlena Castle interviews Faye. Until physician aid in dying (now legal only in Oregon) becomes more generally available, Final Exit Network works within the law to aid hopelessly ill people who wish to shorten the dying process. Faye explains how political pressure from authoritarian religions forces people to suffer for no other purpose than to validate fundamentalist religious beliefs.

Terri Schiavo

Windows - Mac (20:42 min)
Marie and Faye talk about Terri Schiavo and the government's involvement in the private affairs of families. Also discussed are public opinion and laws regarding self deliverance.
Kimberly Blaker
Kimberly Blaker, social advocate and syndicated columnist, has been published in more than 90 regional magazines. Her opinion column on church and state, "The Wall" (TM), appears regularly in news publications around the country. Her commentaries have also appeared in the Detroit Free Press, Detroit News, San Francisco Examiner, the Los Angeles Daily Journal, and Complete Woman Magazine. Her book, "The Fundamentals of Extremism", is based upon her award-winning research paper.

The Fundamentals of Extremism, Part 1

Windows - Mac (18:10 min)
Kimberly talks about her book, "The Fundamentals of Extremism". Most Americans fail to realize the magnitude of problems posed by our own country's Christian fundamentalism and Religious Right.

The Fundamentals of Extremism, Part 2

Windows - Mac (18:07 min)
Kimberly continues her discussion of her book, "The Fundamentals of Extremism" and its effect on America.
Rep. Barb Goodwin
Rep. Barb Goodwin, Minnesota state representative in District 50.

Anti-Human Heathcare

Windows - Mac (23:15 min)
Barb talks to MarieAlena Casle about legislation regarding "Moral Issues" such as healthcare, abortion, stem cell research, and same-sex marriage. Healthcare has become a lot about stopping abortions and about preventing assisted suicide or death with dignity, while ignoring the problems of the living.
Gerry Flood
Gerry Flood has been researching overpopulation for 26 years. He talks to MarieAlena Castle about the growing problem of overpopulation and its effects on the world. We are, as a species, growing at a very alarming rate and will have some very serious problems in the not-so-distant future. What are the alternatives?
In the first of this two part series, Gerry discusses with Marie the alarming rate that the human species is growing. Very soon we will have some very serious problems as a result.

Overpopulation, Part 1

Windows - Mac (21:57 min)

Overpopulation, Part 2

Windows - Mac (25:47 min)

Gerry Returns to us to update his findings on overpopulation of the earth. We are currently doing nothing to alleviate this problem. With this alarming rate of increase we are burdening our planet and causing possibly irreparable harm.

Updated Overpopulation, Part 1

Windows - Mac (21:57 min)

Updated Overpopulation, Part 2

Windows - Mac (25:47 min)
Phil Duran
Phil Duran, legal and policy advisor for OutFront Minnesota.

Atheism and GLBT Equality

Windows - Mac (21:40 min)
MarieAlena Castle and Phil talk about same-sex marriage, the proposed legislation, the current laws concerning it, and about bigotry and discrimination in general.
Jim Wright
Jim Wright

Telling the Truth

Windows - Mac (20:45 min)
Jim and MarieAlena Castle discuss telling the real truth.
Scott Muir
Scott Muir, video manager for Atheists For Human Rights.

Morality and Religious Ignorance

Windows - Mac (26:11 min)
Scott and MarieAlena Castle discuss morality and its source. Many People seem to think that morality comes from the Bible. Unfortunately most people don't "really" read the bible!

Trustworthy Atheists

Windows - Mac (26:11 min)
Athests For Human Rights.

The Truth About Easter

Windows - Mac (20:12 min)
Scott returns to talk to Marie about the true meaning of Easter and a few other holidays. All of the "Christian" holidays have their roots in pagan tradition. The Christian Easter is really a festival of fertility, named after the Babylonian Goddess Isthar or, as some spell it, Ashera or Eastre (there are other spellings also). Easter, the celebration and worship of the goddess of fertility, with the symbolic use of the egg as a focal point, has nothing to do with the resurrection of anyone.
Dave Hetterick
Dave Hettererick, former technical advisor and video manager for Atheists For Human Rights. He died in October, 2004, and is greatly missed.

How I Became an Atheist

Windows - (18:10 min)
Dave explains how he became an atheist and the troubles he faced as a youth.

Two Words That Don't Belong

Windows - (18:07 min)
Dave and MarieAlena Castle talk about the two words, "Under God," that don't belong in the Pledge of Allegiance and how/why they were added later (see related article).
Todd Friel
Todd Friel, one of the co-hosts of Way of the master on KKMS Christian radio. We'd like to thank Todd for the hours of entertainment he provides us! Unfortunately he just doesn't quite get it that using the Bible to argue his case with an atheist/humanist/freethinker is not logical. It's similar to using "Little Red Riding Hood" to prove that wolves can speak.

Monkeys Breed With Monkeys

Mac (53:00 min)
This is a hilarious video from Way Of The Master Watchdog satirizing Todd's apparent lack of understanding of the basic elements of evolution. Authored by Finnish contributor, Henwli, this is also posted on the pages of Rational Response Squad.
Solstice Play

The Dance Scene

Windows - Mac (5:52 min)
This is just the dance scene from The Figleaf Chronicles: Escape from Eden (see below). Anne Archaeologist is a very accomplished belly dancer and gives an outstanding performance in this clip!

The Figleaf Chronicles: Escape from Eden

Windows - Mac (26:44 min)
The play was performed before a live audience at the Blue Fox Bar and Grill in Arden Hills, Minnesota, on December 17th. It was also aired on the Minneapolis Telecommunications Network. It gives the "biblical" account of "creation" along with the account found in "The Other Bible" (all from ancient scriptures of the time and just as "verifiable" as the Bible).

Fingered by God: The Virgin Birth Chronicles

The play was about the "virgin birth" of Jesus and the different scenarios that were possible.
William Sierichs, Jr.

William Sierichs Jr., author.

NOSHA Presents

Windows - Mac (24:26 min)
William was invited by NOSHA, New Oleans Secular Humanist Association, to discuss his book, Constitution - Loving, Anti-Fascist, Patriotic, Anti-superstition, Really-Angry, Secular Humanist.