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The Moral High Ground Fund
— Our Signature Activity —

We Stand with Religion's Victims!



Funding for abortions for women in poverty where religious right terrorism has made access all but impossible.


Dr. George Tiller


Dr. George Tiller, abortion provider for women in need,
assassinated 31 May 2009 in Wichita, Kansas.


Julie Burkhardt, under death threats, took over Dr. Tiller's clinic.


All this violence to "protect" this:

A fried egg;  An acorn  Ovum and sperm
A fried egg is not a chicken.
An acorn is not an oak tree.
Sperm-meets-egg is not a person.





Support for physician assisted dying We help Final Exit Network defend itself against prosecution for the "crime" of giving compassionate advice to people who seek its help in ending intolerable suffering.


Arrested and indicted for supposedly "aiding a suicide.
"The "Minnesota Four" volunteer exit guides:

Minnesota Four
(From left): Then-medical director Dr. Larry Egbert,
past president of FEN Ted Goodwin, case coordinator Roberta Massey
Jerry Dincin
Past president of FEN Jerry Dincin


CHILD (Children's Healthcare Is a Legal Duty)

CHILD is the only organization in the country focused on repealing laws in many states that allow parents to avoid prosecution when they let a child die by relying solely on faith healing instead of real medical care for treatment.


/Alayna Wyland

Alayna Wyland, one of hundreds of children
disfigured, injured, or killed by faith healing.

Alayna was fortunate that someone saw what was happening and called child welfare authorities in time to save most of her vision. The parents relied only on prayer to stop this tumor from growing and the state laws allowed them to do this.




To show our support for the LGBT community we donate annually to the tuition grant program of the PhilanthroFund Foundation.


Jessy Hegland

Jessy Hegland, a recent recipient.

We are the only atheist group to do this and the only PFund donor that has done this every year since 2002 (the year AFHR organized).

At a recent scholarship awards event the emcee acknowledge our organization as a donor with a celebratory shout of "They stand with us!"

And so we stand also with all the victims of religion-based oppressive laws and public policies.

We are a charitable 501(c)(3) nonprofit.
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