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CNN invites us to discuss whether "God"
exists — and stacks the deck


By MarieAlena Castle
Communications Director, Atheists For Human Rights


MarieAlena Castle on CNN


CNN called to ask me to be on a Christmas Eve program with a Christian to discuss "Is There a God?" It was an opportunity to get a few facts to the public, but I had no great expectations, given the religious bias of the media. The segment was taped the afternoon of 24 December, with me in Minneapolis in front of a camera, talking with the heard-but-unseen interviewer and the god believer. The program aired at 9 PM CST, with only about half of the taped material used. A video of this interview is on our videos page.

Not surprisingly, the segment was not allowed to amount to much, perhaps because CNN knew what I might say from the pre-program interview conducted a couple of days earlier. God beliefs cannot survive an open, factual discussion of their validity.

The segment was treated as a trivial time filler on a slow news night. It deserves a profound and serious discussion. Of all the ideas put forth in human history, god beliefs have caused — and are causing today — more misery by far than any others, yet it is taboo to discuss them.


What we got from CNN was another example of Christian propaganda and bias.


Given the opportunity for a serious discussion, here are just some of the facts that show that a god (defined as the eternally existing omniscient, omnipotent spirit that created the universe) does not and cannot exist:

There is only one god for which we have evidence, and it's one that nature created inadvertently — us! — warts and all. The sloppiness of the evolutionary process shows. We just have to make the best of it.